The Hiikuss Winter Hair Guide

When winter is in full force its also the time to take extra care of your hair. The same can be said about any seasons, but with a necessity to pull on the winter hat and crack up the heating our hair sadly takes on the brunt of the damage that it may cause. So to protect your hair from the elements read our Hiikuss Winter Hair Guide to protect your afro hair.

Step 1 – Assess the condition of your hair

Before you take steps to protect your hair, you need to assess what it actually needs, especially if you choose to hibernate your hair under a wig or a weave all winter. Wearing weaves and wigs at any time of the year can unfortunately cause damage that is often permanent, so any additional protective steps you can take reduces or prevents the damage it may cause. At Hiikuss we offer a free consultancy service so if you’re not sure what to check for then feel free to knock on our door and our stylist will assess your hair and advise on how to care for your particular hair.

Step 2 – Choose your head-wear carefully

Who can blame you for adding those extra layers to keep you warm and a winter hat can do the trick? But STOP and think what some hats may do to your hair. Hats made from wool can be particularly harmful to fragile Afro hair – so what out for scarfs too. Luckily help is at hand in the form of hats specially created to protect our tresses from the harsh brush of wool across our afro hair or if you’re a bit nifty with a sewing machine or a needle and thread then you always sew into your favourite hat a satin or silk lining. Check out some of these: Now all of that may sound too much for the last crafty amongst us so here’s a life hair hack that may get your hair through the coldest of winters… get yourself a silky scarf or hat and put that on first before your woolly hat. If like some of our clients have told us, can’t find a hat big enough then another life hack is to have your hair braided, which makes for a low maintenance hairstyle too.

Step 3 – Treat yourself to some great protects and hair treatments

Those of you who have already tried out our Micro Mist Hair Treatment may already be reaping the benefits of what steaming your hair can bring. As a routine, you should try to get your hair steamed once a week to help it grow healthy and strong. Enhance this with deep conditioner which will further contribute to the repair and rejuvenation of your hair. Check out some of these brands for deep conditioners:- Our winter hair guide is just a few of the steps available, are team of highly trained stylist are also available to help you through the winter hair blues.
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