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Hair & Scalp Treatments at Top Afro Hair Salon in Camberwell, London

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Afro Hair Treatments at Hiikuss Hair Salon in Camberwell, London

At Hiikuss Hair Salon in Camberwell, we have some fantastic deep conditioning and keratin treatments for afro hair. Whether your hair is permed, relaxed or natural, we can help to strengthen, condition and deeply nourish afro and multi-textured hair.

Black women often find that their hair can be prone to dryness, treatments are a great way to target specific dryness issues and restore moisture, maintain elasticity, prevent damage and strengthen Afro hair.

If you are looking for silky smooth, manageable and frizz-free black hair, get in touch with our expert afro hair stylists in London by calling us on  0207 701 6478.

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KeraStraight Brazilian Blow Dry at Top Afro Hair Salon in Camberwell

A keratin treatment is an alternative to using perms or relaxers to straighten Afro hair without chemically processing or damaging your hair. The treatment uses the active ingredient keratin, a protein very similar to the components of human hair, and works to “naturally” straighten the hair, with the added benefit of strengthening and protecting your hair too.

It will transform your unruly curls in just one treatment, and is humidity resistant, making it the ultimate answer to unruly curls and frizz.

The KeraStraight complex treatment can last up to 4 months depending on your hair type, however, hair that has had previous chemical services may hold the smoother look for  longer. The treatment should last between 2 and 4 months but can be reapplied after 30 days if you feel that it is necessary. 

If you need any further information about the product then pop into the salon or visit the Kerastraight website here

Micro-Mist Hair Steaming Treatment at Hiikuss Hair Salon in London

With the summer months just around the corner, now is the perfect time to give your hair some long needed hydration. We’re pleased to introduce the Micro Mist Hair Treatment to Hiikuss Hair Salon in Camberwell.

Micro Mist is a hair steaming treatment that repairs and rejuvenates your hair, giving strength, suppleness and a longer lasting shine using the power of water to penetrate deep into the hair and enhances any treatments that you have had.

If you’re looking to deeply hydrate your afro or multi-textured hair, book your Micro Mist appointment at Hiikuss Hair Salon in Camberwell, London by calling 020 7701 6478.

Avlon Texture Release Smoothing Treatment at Top Afro Hair Salon in London

The Avlon Texture Release is formulated with amino acids and glycolic acid, which help reduce breakage. Glycolic acid allows your hair to withstand higher temperatures of heat, and creates stronger stands of hair by filling in cracks along the hair shaft. 

Avlon Texture Release was designed with a shampoo that caters to dry scalp. The sulfate-free Avlon Texture Release Nourishing Cleansing Shampoo gently and thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair. This shampoo is formulated with hibiscus, which reduces scalp redness, dandruff, and balances the pH of the scalp.

If you want to wear your hair straight on the same day of the Avlon Texture Release, your hair may feel a little weighed down. You will have to wait three days before you can shampoo, or put your hair up in a ponytail using a clip or other hair accessory. This smoothing treatment can last up to 2 months. 

Avlon Affirm Treatment at Hiikuss Hair Salon in Camberwell, London

The Avlon Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System is more technologically advanced than ever, and available at Hiikuss Hair Salon in Camberwell. Phenomenal straightening with increased moisture. Hair is more manageable and easy to comb with an amazing softness and shine. 

Mizani Relaxer Treatment at Top London Afro Hair Salon

Discover this conditioning classic relaxer, designed to transform coarse and resistant hair into sleek, smooth waves. This Mizani forumla is a conditioning formula created with scalp care in mind, this relaxer is effective on a range of curl types, from loose waves to curls and coils, providing consistent results without scalp irritation. Formulated with sodium hydroxide and safe for colour treated and fine hair, this professional product is a safe, effective way to go from frizzy to glossy in a matter of minutes.

Book Your Afro Hair Treatment at Hiikuss Hair Salon in Camberwell, London

If you’re looking for super sleek, easy to manage afro hair, please get in touch with Hiikuss Hair Salon in Camberwell, London by calling us on 0207 701 6478 or book online.

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