Hair Growth

5 Snacks That Will Help Your Hair – But Won’t Destroy Your Waistline!

Hands up, who’s been nibbling on snacks? We all go into snacking mode from time to time, so why not select from 5 snacks for hair growth that won’t destroy your beach-ready body and are loaded with nutrients that will benefit hair strength and growth?

Take a look at our list below and next time you get the munchies you can indulge knowing that your hair is benefiting too.

  1. Carrots
    Errr… what’s up doc? Absolutely nothing when you add these to your daily snacks. Bursting with vitamin A it will do more than support good vision it will help promote a healthy scalp, the perfect surface for beautiful long hair to grow. Look for baby carrot batons, grater it or simply grab a full-size carrot and get to munching.
  2. Lentils
    Packed with protein, lentils should be a big part of your diet and what better way to get more into your daily menu than adding them to your snacks. Lentils will not only boost your protein intake, but will top up your iron, zinc, and biotin intake too, which promotes hair growth and reduces brittle hair.
  3. Yellow Peppers
    Whilst popping some oranges in your snack box will increase your vitamin c levels, yellow bell peppers have nearly five and a half times more vitamin C than oranges. So you do the maths Vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicles, as well as prevents breakage so equals gorgeous hair!!
  4. Nuts and Seeds
    Easy to add to any diet seeds are one of the easiest ways you can boost your nutrients intakes. Forget the chocolate bars, crisps and sweet stuff and swap it for a bag of sunflower seeds. They may be small but don’t let that deceive you they pack a punch when it comes to increasing your vitamin E, which in turn enhances blood flow to the scalp and promotes faster hair growth and if sunflower seeds don’t rock your world then try almonds, which because of their high biotin content it promotes faster and thicker hair grow faster. There’s a vast array of nuts and seeds at the supermarket so go wild… your hair will thank you for it.
  5. Avocados
    This may be news to some people, but avocados have been a superfood forever, with their high concentration of essential fatty acids naturally found in skin cells it does not only have benefits for your skin but when applied to your hair and scalp it stimulates collagen and elastin production so there’s an inside and out benefit of putting more avocado in your diet.

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