Wedding Day Hair Prep

Where is your Wedding Hair Prep on your list of things to do for your wedding?

Dress selected – CHECK!
Caterer booked – CHECK!
First dance music selected – CHECK!

Hair???? It’s no surprise when the wedding deadline comes up that lots of brides run out of time to do their wedding hair prep. With time consumed with shopping and sorting everyone else out, getting married can be really stressful and any kind of stress can have a big impact on not only your skin but your hair too.

At Hiikuss Hair, our team are here to take some of the pressure off the wedding day planning, from helping you decide on your hairstyle to making recommendations to the prep you can do to ensure your hair is in tip-top shape ahead of the big day.

If you’re due to get married this year, then stop by and speak to one of our stylists or call us on 0207 701 6478 and we’ll be only too happy to help.

3 Tips For Your Wedding Day Hair Prep

For now, why not take a look at our top 3 tips for your wedding day hair prep so you can get started straight away.

1. Let your fingers do the walking

With some many sources and so many opinions, it can be hard to make that final decision of what hairstyle to have, on your big day. There is no easy way to it, but to start. Use sites like Pinterest or Instagram to create an online scrapbook. Try to narrow your selection to no more than three possibilities and then visit our salon to discuss your selection with our stylist.  They’ll tell you exactly what prep may be needed and more importantly book your appointment for the big day to ensure you’re not disappointed.

2. Weather Proof Your Hair

One thing that is unpredictable on the wedding day is the weather. Whilst there’s little we can do to control it, we do have some control in ensuring we’re using the right hair products for the time of year and season. If your wedding is in the lead up to the summer, then hydration is important or if in the winter your hair may need extra minerals to keep it in the best condition possible.

3. You are what you eat

Last but not least the ‘D’ word… Diet!! As much as we all hate being told that we can’t eat this and that and the diet message is always changing, one thing for sure is your diet plays a big part in the health of your hair, so a few months before big day try to be mindful about what you are putting in your body and make sure you drink plenty of water – it won’t only help your hair, but will help your skin and nails to also be at its best for the big day.

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