Relaxing your Hair Safely?

Having your hair relaxed can be quite freeing for those of us with hard to manage hair or at least that is a common belief but the truth is all afro hair types from natural to any chemical hair treatment comes with some effort from you. So don’t just look at relaxing your hair as the only option.  Having said that, there is still so much you can do to your hair when you relax your hair.

For relaxed hair, the journey starts from the moment you decide to relax your hair. It’s not to be undertaken lightly – relaxing your hair is quite a big deal for your hair strands, which undergoes a complete transformation but relaxing your hair can also have just a dramatic effect on your scalp if you don’t go about relaxing your hair in the right way.

The biggest no-no when relaxing your hair

It’s a common practice after months of braided hair styles to want to reach straight for the relaxer, but it’s probably one of the biggest no – no’s for Hiikuss.

Your scalp needs time to breathe and reconstruct that here at Hiikuss we recommend at least a 2-week break before actually relaxing your hair if it has been in braids. A lot of our clients are disappointed when we advise this, but better to be safe than sorry and remember the reason you’re at the salon is that you want your hair to look good, so you don’t have to leave without getting anything done to your hair. In fact, the two weeks period is the preparation weeks for the relaxer, so give your hair a treat and have a deep moisturising treatment.

The same is true the other way round. If you’ve just had your hair relaxed and decided you want to go back to braids then allow some time in between both types of treatment to give your hair and scalp the time to adjust.

Help is at hand

If you need more advice, Hiikuss has a FREE consultation service, so either pop in or give us a call to arrange an appointment and we’ll be happy to advise on a hair care programme for you.

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