New Year Hair Resolution

It’s that time of the year again. You know the one where you make a promise to yourself that you just don’t keep for the 365 days of the year, despite starting off with very good intentions. Tut tut!! Well, we’re not here to guilt you, but to help you find a new year hair resolution that you can keep to give you beautiful hair for 2019.

1. It first starts with inside…

Change your diet to include more food that will help your hair to grow. It’s been well documented that we are what we eat, so if you want to grow your hair think about how you can feed your hair by making sensible food choices. Go for foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Include in your diet salmon, dark green vegetables, beans, nuts, poultry, eggs, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and carrots to support healthy hair growth.

Our busy schedules can prevent us from getting the right amounts of fruit and veg into our body but be creative and think about investing in a smoothie maker or juicer, where not only will you be adding to the health of your hair, but you could also stick to your diet resolution if that is also on your agenda for 2019.

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2. Regular visits to your hair salon

Ok, we may seem slightly biased here, but our regular clients will tell you how better their hair quality is since making regular visits to the hair salon. Sometimes your hair just needs some TLC and so do you. As well as being cleansed thoroughly a head massage can do wonders for your blood circulation and in turn support hair growth.

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3. Let your hair free

One of the most common complaints about afro hair is a receding or thinning hairline.  Amongst other things, this is largely caused by the tension in the hairline, typically caused by tight braiding or pulled back ponytails. Try this year to keep your hair out and pay special attention to moisturising your scalp using natural oil-based creams like olive or jojoba oils to prevent dryness and scalp conditions like dandruff.

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