3 Easy Steps to a Hair Detox

Hands up if you look in the bathroom cupboard to find half-finished hair products? Yep, a common problem amongst women as we look for the magic potion that will fix our bad hair days. Sometimes more new products are not the answer, you just need to step back and do a hair detox.

Read on for our 3 easy steps to a hair detox

1. Throw/Giveaway the half-finished hair products that you have not used for a while

You can’t be blamed for the number of products you have purchased when so many of them have compelling descriptions that promise to rid you of frizz, grow your hair or give you a gloss like no other, but as you experiment realising that the new product was not any better than the previous your hair product budget is going up and confusion of which products actually work for you sets in and when it does a hair detox is the perfect time to step back and take stock.

2. Trim off the dead ends

The secret we find to beautiful hair is ‘hair maintenance’. Some people neglect this in their regular hair maintenance routine through the fear that their hair won’t grow back. But in our experience, this is never really the case.  In fact, a good trim can bring your hair to life and help maintain that healthy hair glow.

Next time you’re in book a trim for your next hair appointment.

3. Get back to nature

Once you’ve taken stock of the products you do have, think about going back to basics, using products with natural ingredients.

Check out the array of products with natural ingredients on the market, but remember to make a promise with yourself not to buy too many and to finish each bottle before buying more.

Bonus tip – Start to write down which products work for you and a short summary of how it made your hair feel, so next time you decide to buy a new product then you’ll know exactly why!!

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