You are what you eat!

We’ve all heard it time and time again… YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Now unfortunately this does not mean if you eat smooth dark chocolate that you will have smooth dark chocolate brown hair, but it does mean you can change your eating habit to improve the appearance of your hair to compliment your regular visit to your favourite hair salon… hint hint!!

Take a look at our hair food checklist to feed hair with the nutrients that it needs to grow beautiful and strong.


Now this can often be a catch 22. Dairy is notorious for foods that pile on the pounds but if you stick to the low fat varieties and a little bit in moderation then you should be fine. Plus it will feed your hair with protein, which is essential for strong hair. Add to your shopping basket things like cottage cheese and yoghurt.


Hair loss is a common problem we advise on at Hiikuss Hair Studio. Whilst eating a lot of fish is not a complete cure, foods which contain fatty acids such as Omega 3 can slow down the hair loss process. The additional bonus to adding more fish to your diet is that it also provides a good supply of iron and vitamin B12, so opt for a lovely salmon for dinner or a delicious helping of mackerel.


Renown for its powers in keeping your eyes and vision healthy, but did you know that carrots also make a big contribution in aiding the growth of beautiful hair? Packed with vitamin A, these vegetables help you get that shiny well-conditioned look by maintaining the natural oils in the hair and keeping your scalp in tip top condition.  Carrot juice anyone?


There are so many varieties of nuts so take your pick from Walnuts, cashews to pecans. They are all a great sources of zinc. Selenium is also found in walnuts, which aids your scalp and decreases dry scalp, but  don’t get too carried away – as fantastic as nuts are they do come with calories so if you’re watching your weight restrict yourself to a small handful of a selection of nuts… a little bit goes a long way.


Zinc, B vitamins and iron are all nutrients important to healthy hair and all contained in wholegrain food options. Zinc in particular is used to regulate hormones that can have a direct affect on the thickness and growth of your hair.


Now eggs come in so many different ways, scrambled, boiled or fried – but the good news is that no matter how you cook it, it will provide your hair with important components to help build your hair strands from strength to strength. Packed with protein, eggs also have the ability to help you feel fuller longer.

Dark green vegetables

EAT YOUR GREENS… why? Well dark greens not only improves your health on the whole, but also the health of your hair. Dark greens promote the production of natural oils. This oil is a natural hair conditioner, and green foods are packed full of vitamins A and C – which are needed for its production.

These are just some of the great foods that add the POW! into your hair. Come back to our blog again soon when we’ll be adding some more great food to add to your shopping basket to keep your hair in tip-top condition!

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